Portal 6.8.X Release Notes

Software Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Microsoft IE 9 and higher, or Edge (latest).
  • Firefox 3.6 and higher.
  • Google Chrome (latest).

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X

Other combinations of browsers and operating systems may be suitable for the Portal, but they have not been thoroughly tested. Some elements of the graphical interface may appear unusable or disproportionate in size in unsupported combinations of browsers and operating systems.

Nexthink Dependencies

The Portal must match the version of the Engines to which it is connected. If automatic updates are turned on, the update system takes care of this version dependency.


New features

  • [PRT-5008][PRT-5096] - Windows authentication (SSO).
  • [PRT-4501] - Title widget.
  • [PRT-4916] - Bar chart support for ratio compared to a grouping.
  • [PRT-5071] - New option to enable/ disable email digest for Service module.
  • [PRT-5080] - New icons for email digest.
  • [PRT-5105] - Aggregate by sum available for metrics based on scores.
  • [PRT-5112] - New field "number of days since last seen" for object user.

Fixed Issues

Customer issues

  • [PRT-4684] [Support 13090] - Display issue with '&' in the line charts.
  • [PRT-5101] [Support 16517] - Date navigator is broken because of the timezone.
  • [PRT-5149] [Support 17298,17286,17110 ] - New database cleanup mechanism.

Internal issues

  • [PRT-4753] - Empty email digest in the case of missing data for Service modules.
  • [PRT-5043] - Bar chart sorting by metric group by is wrong in the case of numerical labels.
  • [PRT-5055] - Email digest for metrics based on all devices or all users shows incorrect value.
  • [PRT-5089] - Refresh issue of table widget when using metrics based on all devices or all objects.
  • [PRT-5147] - File upload issue since Firefox version 50.0.2.
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