Finder 6.8.X Release Notes

Software Requirements

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 10 - 32 and 64 bits
  • Windows 8 and 8.1 - 32 and 64 bits
  • Windows 7 - 32 and 64 bits

Nexthink Dependencies

The Finder must match the versions of both the Portal and the Engine to which it connects. After installing the Finder from the Portal, the automatic update mechanism of the Finder takes care of this dependency. On the other hand, if you install the Finder with the per-device installer, make sure that the installed version of the Finder matches the versions of both the Portal and the Engine.

Known Limitations


  • [Support - 2231], [FND-2761] - Web API investigations do not support between modifiers in their time frame. The between modifier is ignored when executing a Web API investigation.


  • Unsupported AD Login through digest proxy.


New Features


  • [FND-5101] [FND-5217] [FND-5204]- The score can be seen in error directly in Finder.
  • [FND-5195] - The user is warned that score can break when editing/deleting categories, campaign, services (etc).
  • [FND-5110] - The user is warned when he deletes a score.
  • [FND-5182] - The scores support the operation "weighted average" and "multiply".
  • [FND-5199] [FND-5218] [FND-5206] - The metrics support the "aggregate by sum" for score. The "aggregate by average" is only for "all objects".
  • [FND-5198] - The score schema can be exported directly from Finder.

Windows authentication

  • [FND-4903] [FND-4974] [FND-5179] [FND-5180] [FND-5200] [FND-5197] - Support of Windows authentication (SSO).


  • [EUF-107] [EUF-534] - Campaigns support workflows of questions.
  • [EUF-339] [EUF-596] - The user is warned when renaming a Category/Service used by a campaign or when removing a campaign used by an Investigation.
  • [EUF-575] - The campaign editor displays the Minimum Collector version.


  • [FND-5147] - The message about metric recomputation was improved.
  • [FND-5146] [FND-5216] - Crash report improvement (send screenshot).
  • [FND-5188] - The field "number of days since last seen" was added on users.


Fixed Issues

Customer issues

  • [Support-16515] [FND-4814] - In some circumstances, the Finder could not connect to the Nexthink Library behind a proxy.
  • [Support-15580] [FND-5048] - The device view was sometimes crahsing when zooming in or out.
  • [Support-17031] [FND-5190] - The Finder could crash when adding condition in the investigation designer.

Internal Issues

  • [FND-3870] [FND-5033] [FND-5137] [FND-5143] [FND-5148] [FND-5211] - The Finder fails under particular circumstances.
  • [FND-5159] - In metrics, group by categories were not selected as display field
  • [FND-5186] - The option "Pack all contents into a file" was available.
  • [FND-5209] - The display attribute selector was not correctly reset when closed from list view.
  • [FND-5213] - In some circumstances, it was not possible to create custom actions.
  • [FND-5214] - When exporting a service to a file whose name ends with ".com" or ".something", the saved file was not did not get the .xml extension.
  • [EUF-548] - In some circumstances, the opinion scales were wrongly rendered.
  • [EUF-597] - In some circumstances, a campaign with an invalid investigation was seen as valid.
  • [EUF-610] - In some circumstances, an error was wrongly displayed after duplicating a campaign.
  • [EUF-620] - The message for Maximum Number of Active Campaigns reached was wrong.
  • [EUF-588] [EUF-587] - In some circumstances, the user could not drag and drop an investigation.


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