Web Console 5.1.0 Release Notes

What is included

  • nxconsole-
  • nxsharecfg-
  • nxeula-

Software Requirements

Supported browsers

  • IE 7 or higher
  • Firefox 3.6 or higher
  • Google Chrome 30.x and higher

What's New

New Features

  • [LIC-66] Possibility to disable the check of the certificate of the CLM in the web console.
  • [SRC-583] Add possibility to test connectivity with yum reppository in webconsole in the install tab.
  • [OT-32] Configure the blacklisted domains in the Web Console.
  • New End User License Agreement

Fixed Issues

  • [SRC-617] When enabling/disabling certificate check for LLM, the Web Console restarts the Portal, but not the LLM.
  • [SRC-513] Privacy Internal Services cannot be configured if nxengine.xml is initially empty.
  • [SRC-565] No progression indicator during the offline installation.
  • [SRC-597] Change he copyright year in the Web Console.
  • [SRC-611] Link to documentation is wrong on the Clock discrepancy page.
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