Engine 5.1.0 Release Notes

Software Requirements

Nexthink Version Supported

  • Nexthink Finder Minimum version : v5.0.4
  • Nexthink Portal Minimum version : v5.0.3

What's New

New Features

  • New request to get the alerts on devices for the last 24h (displayed in the Start page of the Finder).
  • Web requests from blacklisted domains are not recorded in the Engine.
  • License usage in the Engine is sent to the Portal.

Fixed Issues

Customer issues

  • [Support-3370][ENG-2074] - Number of alerts generated in immediate and hourly alerts do not match.
  • [Support-3990][ENG-2168] - Microsoft KB link does not work in Firefox.
  • [Support-4814][ENG-2246] - Engine timezone is not taken from /etc/sysconfig/clock.
  • [Support-4547][ENG-2208] - Engine hangs if restarted several times while loading database.

Internal issues

  • [ENG-2183] - Improve the management of sources regarding storage policy and license limits.
  • [ENG-1264] - Connection as external for ip.
  • [ENG-1486] - login can be created with all empty fields from nxinfo shell.
  • [ENG-1871] - Filtering does not work in per category aggregate.
  • [ENG-2067] - User interaction time is incorrect.
  • [ENG-2151] - Performance improvement in "order by" operator of selector.
  • [ENG-2182] - Per category aggregator have empty values in output instead of null.
  • [ENG-2207] - The service_web_view and service_network_view requests are not limiting the number of signatures/visits.
  • [ENG-2213] - Typo in nxinfo.
  • [ENG-2247] - Engine crashes when sending an email fails.
  • [ENG-2248] - Put collector error log messages in DEBUG.
  • [ENG-1517] - Log entries when customer uses advance commands to edit engine db.
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