Portal 5.1.0 Release Notes

Software Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • IE 7 and higher
  • Firefox 3.6 and higher

Nexthink Dependency Matrix

The Portal communicates with the Engine and, therefore, it depends on its version. The following dependency matrix applies:

  Engine 5.1 Engine 5.0 Engine 4.4
Portal 5.1 OK NOK NOK
Portal 5.0 NOK OK NOK
Portal 4.4 NOK NOK OK

What's New

New Features

  • New scrolling in the Gallery: Scroll up or down the list of items in a column by clicking the mouse and maintaining the button pressed on either the top or the bottom arrows of the column, or by using the mouse wheel.
  • License usage: The actual usage of the License is retrieved from the Engine or Engines and displayed in the License Management section.
  • Report creation: The configuration of the tables for Activity and Inventory widgets is now easier.

Fixed Issues

Customer issues

  • [PRT-2461] - [Support-3962] [Java Socket] - Portal Java process dying in specific network case.
  • [PRT-2309] - [Support-4172]  [Security] - Port 8009 visible externally of the appliance and needed only on localhost
  • [LIC-132] - LLM should return fewer notifications

Internal issues

  • [PRT-2540] - [Hierarchy management] - useless vertical scroll display on chrome removed.
  • [PRT-2538] - [Deprecated widgets] - selecting for report widget by category fails with deprecated widgets.
  • [PRT-2536] - [RT Widget] does not support Week starting from Sunday for long term.
  • [PRT-2535] - [Activity] When no last values exist, there is an exception (overall value is not displayed).
  • [PRT-2534] - [Service Centralisation] - cancel button was working as confirm.
  • [PRT-2528] - Gallery navigation bug when response was too long you can get content of previous section in a different one.
  • [PRT-2501] - [Library] - log access exception in portal.log.
  • [PRT-2495] - [License management] - blocked when loading a license with old format (having global server users instead of servers per Engine).
  • [PRT-2489] - [Dashboard management] - It is not possible to cancel the dashboard unlock dialog.
  • [PRT-2488] - [Library] - If library doesn't load it never times out.
  • [PRT-2468] - [License management] - Periodic license requests have to be rescheduled after license has been deleted.
  • [PRT-2458] - [Log management] - Exception that occurs during RT aggregation do not log the stacktrace.
  • [PRT-2438] - [Import] - import widget failing result in displaying admin widget into my module.
  • [PRT-2426] - [Report] - Report option "Display values in percent" of inventory widget disappears.
  • [PRT-2425] - [Report] - some RT report are failing.
  • [PRT-2400] - [Computation management] - computaiton warning: 1 widgets of the list are unauthorized or unknown and therefore not displayed.
  • [PRT-2398] - [Display] - For Activity and Inventory on week scope the tooltip in chart is not accurate.
  • [PRT-2350] - [RT Widget] - Clear of RT Service data not complete.
  • [PRT-2149] - [Inventory widget] - error message badly placed.
  • [PRT-2142] - [Widget Wizard] - Investigations into wizzard not validated if nothing changed.
  • [PRT-2083] - [Activity Widget] - can paste / use investigation not on sources which is non-sense and get no results.
  • [PRT-2022] - [Display] - Minor bugs in Issues widget wizard (threshold to enable/disable text fields).
  • [PRT-2020] - [Inventory wizard] - going back and force on step 4 can lose part of the choices.
  • [PRT-2017] - [Activity wizard] - Finished button disabled on error is not enabled back when correcting the error (ie. group by without choice).
  • [PRT-2016] - [Security] - possible XSS in widget creation wizzard.
  • [PRT-2004] - [Activity wizard] - we can add breakdown without limitation.
  • [PRT-1764] - [Issue Widget] - in details, when choosing "specific dates" from/to dates are inverted.
  • [PRT-1749] - [Report] - Title in downloaded reports badly encode & character.
  • [PRT-1695] - [Report] - issue with ratio blocking report creation is a specific case.
  • [PRT-1511] - [Inventory widget] - export CSV on last changes was correctly exporting + variation but the - character for decrease was not inserted.
  • [PRT-1376] - [Account management] - you can use reserved account naming [multiple] that leads to display issues.
  • [PRT-1375] - [Profile Management] - edit profile step 2 with hierarchy, combo not disabled.
  • [PRT-1361] - [List / Activity] - exporting a csv from a date where there's no results leads to export previous not empty content of same widget.
  • [PRT-1254] - [Account management] - Can create login with '&' but can't login with (encoding).
  • [PRT-1190] - [Inventory] - Name column twice in Inventory widget (in object details).
  • [PRT-976] - [VDI] Export csv has null entries in capacity planning for the first.
  • [PRT-899] - [List widget] - Widget list doesn't keep the selected display time field after adding module.
  • [LIC-131] - LLM should have a maximum heap memory (-Xmx) specified on the command line
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