What are the best practices to create a ticket?

In order for the Nexthink Support Team to deal promptly with your request ensure they are provided with the necessary key information when submitting a new request.



The subject information will assist the Support Team in understanding at a glance what is the nature of the request. Avoid generic phrases such as "Help Needed" or "Urgent Assistance Required". The Support Team would encourage the use of a few keywords describing the situation without necessitating a long phrase. An example "Assistance with Engine migration from 4.0 to 4.1"   



Here is where to include the detailed information regarding the request. Include the following information but not limited to

Version of the Nexthink Component


Error Message(s)

 The more information there is, the better the Nexthink Support Agent  will be able to assist you with the request.



Please ensure that the Customer information is included enabling us to continuously improve our support processes.



Do not hesitate to attach screenshots or log files in order for us to assist you more efficiently.


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