How to transfer files to Nexthink Support?

In order to share information with Nexthink Support, there are two methods available one depending on the level of confidentiality and the other upon the size of the file or files you wish to share.


Attaching a file to a support request

The easiest way is to attach one or more files to the support request. Please note that the files you will be uploading to the Support Portal will be stored in the cloud which may not necessarily be stored within Switzerland. If the data you wish to transfer requires to be stored within the Swiss territory, please proceed to the next paragraph.





Uploading a file on Nexthink SFTP Server

If you require the transfer of data and ensure that the data is stored within the Swiss territory, the Nexthink Support Team can provide you with a temporary account on our SFTP Server located within our datacenter at the Nexthink Headquarters in Switzerland. Here is an example of the email you would receive:




Once you have received the email, you will need to use your preferred SFTP client (for example FileZilla or WinSCP) to establish the connection with our SFTP Server. The credentials and all the necessary information you will require are to be found within the email. Here is an example describing how to connect with WinSCP:



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