How to send more information to Nexthink Support?


How to send more information to Nexthink Support?


Please execute the file you'll find attached to this article as explained below and send us the output file.

  1. Download and upload it on the Nexthink Appliance to /home/nexthink

  2. Connect to the Appliance using the command-line interface (CLI)

  3. Modify the permission on the file using the following command:
    chmod +x

  4. Run the script using the following command:
    sudo ./

  5. Attach the following output file to your existing support ticket or create a new one:

This script will export hardware configuration such as CPU and RAM information as well as configuration and log files from the Appliances hosting either the Engine or the Portal. This output will help us getting a better and clearer picture of the current situation and overall health of the environment.

You can grab the support script file attached to this article with wget from any environment connected to the internet.

Current version: 17.07.rev001

Applies to

  • Nexthink 6.x
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