Appliance ISO Release Notes

What is included

  • Nexthink ISO v5.2.0.1
  • Nexthink Web Console v5.2.0.0
  • Nexthink EULA v5.2.0

What's New

New features

  • The CentOS packages have been updated, you can see here the list of package updates once the repository has been synchronized.
  • Lighttpd is now part of the migration package. Therefore, it is automatically updated when migrating from V4/V5.x to V5.2.

Fixed issues

Customer issues (security)

  • [Support 4964][SRC-643] - Support PAM to handle password in the Appliance.
  • [Support 4964][SRC-653] - Disable unnecessary services: ip6tables, gpm and sendmail are no longer launched when the Appliance starts up.
  • [Support 4964][SRC-646] - Activate logrotate for all types of logs (/var/log/spooler and /var/log/maillog were added to the confguration of syslog logrotate).
  • [Support 4964][SRC-647] - Disable system core dump.

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