Engine 5.2.1 Release Notes

Software Requirements

Supported Nexthink Versions

  • Nexthink Finder Minimum version : v5.2.0
  • Nexthink Portal Minimum version : v5.2.0

What's New

New Features

  • Discrimination of URL paths for HTTP services.
  • Detection of outliers in service computation to reduce false positives in warnings and errors.
  • Actionable services: see impacted devices individually in more cases.
  • New printing statuses and types of printers.
  • Generation of alerts when the Engine reaches an internal limit on the number of objects.
  • Special modes of operation of the Engine: demo mode and zero config mode.

Fixed Issues

Customer issues

  • [Support-4626][ENG-2232] - Engine slow response when a process launches a  huge number of connections.
  • [Support-4692][ENG-2215] - Error in the manual cleanup of devices with web requests.
  • [Support-5095][ENG-2268] - Limitation of high IO values to 32 bit integer.
  • [Support-5788][ENG-2312] - Migration of restricted admin account from V4 to V5 results in impossibility to log in as admin in V5.
  • [Support-6088][ENG-2325] - Incorrect average logon duration.


  • [ENG-2124] - Monitor with empty tag fails.
  • [ENG-2315] - Errors in clock tick management cause the context of connections and processes never to close.
  • [ENG-2342] - Minidump on demand is not generated.
  • [ENG-2349] - Seldom Engine crashes when receiving multiple requests for one service.
  • [ENG-2351] - Log SQLite error and warning messages in Engine log.
  • [ENG-2320] - After first install, stopping the Web Console makes the Engine process stop too.
  • [ENG-2393] - Special characters in the names of printers not escaped during migration.
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