Portal 5.2.2 Release Notes

Software Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • IE 7 and higher
  • Firefox 3.6 and higher
  • Google Chrome latest

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X

Other combinations of browsers and operating systems may be suitable for the Portal, but they have not been thoroughly tested. Some elements of the graphical interface may appear unusable or disproportionate in size in unsupported combinations of browsers and operating systems.

Nexthink Dependency Matrix

The Portal communicates with the Engine and, therefore, it depends on its version. The following dependency matrix applies:

  Engine 5.2 Engine 5.1 Engine 5.0
Portal 5.2 OK NOK NOK
Portal 5.1 NOK OK NOK
Portal 5.0 NOK NOK OK

What's New

Fixed Issues

Customer issues

  • [PRT-2844] [Support #7191] - Fixed a potential role data issue in the database storage.
  • [PRT-2815] [Support #6832] - Alert message content on license expiration is not correct.
  • [PRT-2812] [Support #6783] - Fixed a synchronization issues for investigation folders containing special characters.
  • [PRT-2807] [Support #6696] - Activity widget aggregation compute issue.
  • [PRT-2780] [Support #6828] - Portal fails to start due to altered data in the database after migration.
  • [PRT-2731] [Support #6292] - Fixed a display issue in role-based investigations.
  • [PRT-2683] [Support #5698] - Role-based investigations: cannot add in a role a pack of investigations containing an empty folder.

Internal issues

  • [PRT-2853] [Services] - Allow to change service without clearing.
  • [PRT-2843] [Upgrade] - Wait for portal to be up before installing nget
  • [PRT-2816] [Issue Widget] - Import when clearing content was not clearing correctly the internal state.
  • [PRT-2781] - Fixed an issue that resulted in generating wrong JSON
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