Engine 5.3.1 Release Notes

Software Requirements

Supported Nexthink Versions

  • Nexthink Finder Minimum version : v5.3.0
  • Nexthink Portal Minimum version : v5.3.0

What's New

New Features

  • Support for two additional platforms: Mac OS devices and mobile devices.
  • IOPS public beta.
  • The Nexthink Query Language (NXQL) now officially supported.
  • Extended audit logs for performance analysis.
  • New SSL Certificate in Engine. No impact for the customer even when using custom certificates in the Appliance that hosts the Engine.
  • nxredirect service for traffic redirection.

Fixed Issues

Customer issues

  • [Support-8278][ENG-2410] - Obscure messages in Engine logs.
  • [Support-8428][ENG-2678] - NXQL does not work with AD accounts.
  • [Support-8678][ENG-2720] - Query returns devices outside entity.
  • [Support-9212][ENG-1719] - Duplicated deployment makes Engine restart fail.
  • [Support-8152][ENG-2663] - Period out of bounds for Portal queries.
  • [Support-8820][ENG-2760] - Remove non valid XML characters from AV and FW names.
  • [Support-8778][ENG-2734] - Engine is locked while performing AD authentication.
  • [Support-8612][ENG-2619] - minidump and full coredumps are not generated in some failure cases.


  • [ENG-2353] - UPB blocks could not be aggregated properly for fresh user contexts.
  • [ENG-2393] - Print migration does not escape strings when passing them to SQL.
  • [ENG-2420] - [NXQL] web_request http 700 error is returned.
  • [ENG-2585] - Package duplication because of left-to-right mark.
  • [ENG-2651] - Do not compute packages aggregate on activity, use value from source instead.
  • [ENG-2654] - In finder home view, device comparison mobile os are not displayed.
  • [ENG-2655] - Finder home view, device comparison, incorrect values when drilled down.
  • [ENG-2678] - NXQL doesn't work with AD accounts.
  • [ENG-2696] - Total active day does not work with mobile sync event.
  • [ENG-2718] - update source last time in 'none' storage policy.
  • [ENG-2720] - query returns devices outside entity.
  • [ENG-2634] - When entity tags are updated account specific immediate alerts must be re-initialized.
  • [ENG-2760] - Remove non valid XML characters from AV and FW names.
  • [ENG-2776] - Unhandled license exception in the mobile bridge component.
  • [ENG-2790] - in aggregate query error.
  • [ENG-2821] - [NXQL] Select from user and user_activity crashes in full period.
  • [ENG-2846] - Metric events are not removed during cleanup.
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