Mobile Bridge for Exchage Release Notes

Software Requirements

Supported Operating Systems

Only the English versions of these operating systems are supported:

  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2012 R2

Supported Exchange Servers

  • Exchange 2010
  • Exchange 2013


  • Latest Windows updates
  • Powershell 4.0
  • .NET framework 4.5
  • Exchange Active Sync enabled
  • Network access to Exchange Server and AD Server.
  • A domain user account with "View-Only Organization Management" role.
  • The following are firewall requirements that systems in your environment must meet:
    • Outbound open ports 443,80 (depending of your Bridge configuration)
    • Inbound open ports 443

Nexthink Dependency Matrix

The bridge and Engine need to have the same API to connect together, therefore this dependency applies:

  Engine 5.3
Bridge 5.3 OK

What's New

New Features

  • See the PowerShell commands sent in real time.
  • Minimization of CPU load on the Exchange server by modifying the default number of requests and throttling factor.
  • Retrieving users earlier in the loop.

Fixed Issues

Internal Issues

  • [MOB-369] - Issue when installing a previous version of the MSI.
  • [MOB-375] - Error message with module Kernelbase.dll during MSI upgrade.
  • [MOB-380] - Unable to reinstall the Mobile Bridge when it has been previously removed.
  • [MOB-381] - Wrong data for "Last Iteration Velocity" in the REST progress interface.
  • [MOB-364] - Unable to open specific "System Attendant" Mailbox due to an exception in the loop termination.
  • [MOB-372] - Retrieve users before retrieving statistics.
  • [MOB-377] - The command "net start NexthinkMobileBridge" always reports an error.
  • [MOB-360] - Wrong source name "Nexthink EAS Bridge" reported in EventViewer.
  • [MOB-373] - Introduce throttling multiplier to even out CPU load between different cmdlets.
  • [MOB-363] - Wrong usage message for "Nexthink.Mobile.Bridge.exe" configuration command.
  • [MOB-382] - Unable to stop service when upgrading.
  • [MOB-384] - Engine crash when retrieval time is missing.
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