Portal 6.0.X Release Notes

Software Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • IE 9 and higher
  • Firefox 3.6 and higher
  • Google Chrome latest

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X

Other combinations of browsers and operating systems may be suitable for the Portal, but they have not been thoroughly tested. Some elements of the graphical interface may appear unusable or disproportionate in size in unsupported combinations of browsers and operating systems.

Nexthink Dependency Matrix

The Portal communicates with the Engine and, therefore, it depends on its version. The following dependency matrix applies:

  Engine 6.0 Engine 5.3 Engine 5.2
Portal 6.0 OK Not OK Not OK
Portal 5.3 Not OK OK Not OK
Portal 5.2 Not OK Not OK OK


New Features

  • Completely reworked user interface.
  • New dashboard management and navigation.
  • Unified hierarchy and time navigation.
  • Custom metrics support.
  • New widgets: KPI, table, and line chart.
  • Actionable table widgets (hierarchy navigation) and line chart widgets (time navigation).
  • Export results to CSV files from table widgets and detailed views.
  • Optional anonymization of fields in table widgets and detailed views.
  • Support the triggering of computation and clearing of metrics from the Finder.
  • New types of modules and dashboards for services and metrics.
  • Support of thresholds to determine the state of a service.
  • Service overview dashboard that summarizes the state of the services in a module.
  • Drill down from service dashboards to the service view in the Finder.
  • Use of new authentication method in nxt protocol to open the Finder from the Portal.
  • Centralized login for both Finder and Portal requests.
  • Centralization of services and categories.
  • Improved import and export of content.
  • All roles assigned to a user are mandatory.
  • Browser window refresh and back and forth navigation supported.
  • New configuration and startup scripts for tuning resource consumption.
  • Compatibility check among Nexthink components.
  • Portal adapted to software changes in the Appliance (CentOS 7, PostgreSQL 9 and Java 8).
  • Possibility to record support data.

Fixed Issues

Customer issues

  • [Support-9585] [PRT-3965] - Order results in list widgets by taking the average of a quantity. Fixed in V6 for activity and top metrics.
  • [Support-7719] [PRT-3000] - Unification of thresholds between a service definition and an associated service-based alert.

Internal issues

  • [PRT-3463] - Improved database pool management with a single pool.
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