Engine 6.0.X Release Notes


Supported Nexthink Versions

  • Nexthink Finder Minimum version : v6.0.0.7
  • Nexthink Portal Minimum version : v6.0.0.12

New Features

  • User view.
  • Windows Server support.
  • Windows 10 and Windows Embedded support.
  • No local services and categories (all centralized).
  • Centralized authentication.
  • Support for rebootless Collector.
  • Compatibility check with the Portal.
  • OpenSSL library update.
  • New configuration for the Customer Experience Improvement Program.

Fixed Issues

Internal issues

  • [ENG-3000] - High application memory events created without process activity.
  • [ENG-3002] - The Engine crashes on startup when a service is in error.
  • [ENG-3033] - The Engine does not store security information of Windows 10 devices.
  • [ENG-3034] - The Engine does not receive the version of the Finder, which is required for the Customer Experience Improvement Program.
  • [ENG-3036] - Command nxinfo config --set does not work with deprecated parameters.
  • [ENG-3052] - Boot events of Mac OS devices not visible on the user or device views.
  • [ENG-2845] - Proxy connections aggregated to non proxy request contexts.
  • [ENG-2943] - Duration of Exchange ActiveSync events in the user view.
  • [ENG-2970] - Incorrect application high CPU and high memory events in the device view.
  • [ENG-2971] - Incorrect device high CPU event in the device view.
  • [ENG-2972] - Incorrect interaction time in the device view when zoomed in.
  • [ENG-2973] - High CPU events disappear from the user view when zooming in.
  • [ENG-2993] - Aggregation bottleneck caused by port or network scan events in server traffic.
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