Finder 6.0.X Release Notes

Software Requirements

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows Vista - 32 and 64 bits
  • Windows 7 - 32 and 64 bits
  • Windows 8 and 8.1 - 32 and 64 bits
  • Windows 10 - 32 and 64 bits

Nexthink Dependency Matrix

Starting from Nexthink V6, the Finder connects to the Portal upon sign-in. The Finder version is then validated by the Portal, which also provides the Finder with the list of available instances of Engines to connect to.

  Portal 6.0 | Engine 6.0 Engine 5.3 Engine 5.2
Finder 6.0 OK Not OK Not OK
Finder 5.3 Not OK OK Not OK
Finder 5.2 Not OK Not OK OK

Investigations, one-clicks, and alerts can be exported from the Finder to be used in the Portal. Starting from V6, the Portal checks the compatibility of the connected components.

Known Limitations


  • [Support - 2231] [FND-2761] - Web API investigations do not support between modifiers in their time frame. The between modifier is ignored when executing a Web API investigation.


  • Unsupported AD Login through digest proxy.


Fixed Issues

Internal Issues

  • [FND-4539] - Package status conditions are not supported in the metrics editor.


New Features

New communications stack

  • Log in through the Portal and keep a permanent connection to it.
  • Ability to switch among Engines connected to the Portal.
  • Automatic reconnection upon connection loss.
  • Categories, services, and metrics are created in the Finder and stored in the Portal.

User view

  • New view centered on the activities and properties of a user.
  • Mobile synchronization events are visible in the user view timelines.
  • Revisited contextual actions in device and user views.


  • Editor of custom metrics (of types count, activity, and top) for displaying in the Portal.
  • New service configuration including specification of thresholds.
  • Threshold violations of services displayed in the start page and in the service view.
  • Dependency management of categories and services, including impact analysis and remediation of deletion and renaming of categories, keywords and services.
  • Import of content packs (including Portal modules) with extended conflict resolution.

Nxt protocol

  • Launching the user view is supported by the nxt protocol.
  • New authentication options.

Datamodel changes

  • V4 security fields are definitively removed.
  • New device types: server and mobile.
  • New field Number of logical processors.
  • The field OS version is deprecated in favor of OS version and architecture.
  • The Entity is now a field (was previously a category).

Fixed Issues

Customer Issues

  • [Support - 10300] - Storage of sessions.

Internal Issues

  • Unability to get High IO throughput time and High page faults time with conditions on Activities or Events.
  • The field last system update is now the last successful system update (while previously any attempt of system update was counted in, whether successful or failed).
  • Memory leaks corrections, general bug fixes and improvements.
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