Engine 6.2.X Release Notes

Version 6.2.1

Supported Nexthink Versions

  • Nexthink Finder Minimum version : v6.2.1.0
  • Nexthink Portal Minimum version : v6.2.1.0

New Features

New aggregates (not accessible from NQXL for the moment)

  • [ENG-3156] - Store number of crashes and freezes per usage.
  • [ENG-3157] - Average traffic per device.
  • [ENG-3159] - Total web traffic and Total network traffic.
  • [ENG-3162] - New aggregates for boot and logon duration.

Performance and general improvements

  • [ENG-3113] - Parallelization of the computation of queries.
  • [ENG-3123] - Default aggregation policy set to normal (in place of conservative).
  • [ENG-3151] - Load timing information from captured traffic to test alerts and services.
  • [ENG-3083] - Anonymization of redirected traffic.


  • [ENG-3122] - Support for DirectAccess.
  • [ENG-3104] - Temporarily disable VDI computation.

Fixed Issues

Customer issues

  • [Support-7311][ENG-2534] - Character substitution rules do not work for executable name in services.
  • [Support-7886][ENG-2662] - Inactive sources are present in alert notification.
  • [Support-8847][ENG-2771] - Escaping of the XML response to the Portal.
  • [Support-9982][ENG-2989] - NXQL command with type string[]m doesn't work.
  • [Support-10062][ENG-2992] - NXQL UI glitch.
  • [Support-11076][ENG-3154] - Problem with escape character in service view.
  • [Support-11647][ENG-3208] - empty improvement program status in db.
  • [Support-11341][ENG-3187] - Error in the NXQL data model.

Internal issues

  • [ENG-3102] - No Entity option in the Device Comparison view.
  • [ENG-3132] - Deadlock due to synchronous callback executions in portal hub.
  • [ENG-3150] - Having=0 computed wrongly in full period.
  • [ENG-3175] - Service tags having colon symbol (:), are not escaped and stored properly to the DB.
  • [ENG-3179] - Remove "wrong visibility" from error log level.
  • [ENG-3197] - Some alerts are wrongly computed in full period.
  • [ENG-3198] - Engine crash when shutting down.
  • [ENG-3152] - Print ms instead of formatted value in Engine performance logs.
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