Appliance ISO Release Notes

What is included

  • Nexthink ISO V5.3.7.0
  • Nexthink Web Console V5.3.0.2
  • Nexthink EULA V5.3.0.0

What's New

The Appliance ISO V5.3.7.0 includes the latest security updates. It is now shipped with the Java JDK 1.8u72 as the default Java runtime. The Java JDK 1.7 is kept only to resolve some Portal dependecies.

Find the release notes of the JDK 1.8u72 here.

Fixed vulnerabilities

Installation of Java 8

  1. Copy the file Nexthink-install-jdk-1.8.72.tgz to the Portal appliance via SCP or sFTP.
  2. Log in to the CLI of the Portal appliance and run the following commands:
    1. tar xvzf Nexthink-install-jdk-1.8.72.tgz
    2. sudo sh
  3. Once the installation completes, restart the Portal appliance:
    1. sudo reboot

Note that the installation process does not remove Java 1.7 from the appliance. Both Java 1.8 and Java 1.7 will coexist in the same machine, although the Portal will exclusively run on Java 1.8.

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