Engine 6.4.X Release Notes


Supported Nexthink Versions

  • Nexthink Finder Minimum version : v6.4.1.0
  • Nexthink Portal Minimum version : v6.4.1.1

New Features

  • [ENG-3255] [ENG-3256] [ENG-3258] [ENG-3281] [ENG-3282] [ENG-3345] - High CPU improvement.
  • [ENG-3160] - New aggregate: "High application CPU time ratio".
  • [ENG-3275] - The aggregate "Average memory usage per execution" is now available for user, device and application.
  • [ENG-3330] - The "OS X El Capitan 10.11.x" is recognized by the Engine.
  • [ENG-3240] - The number of rejected endpoints is now logged, such that we can know how many licenses are missing.
  • [ENG-3302] [ENG-3307] - CSP: new metrics.

Fixed Issues

Customer issues

  • [Support-12591][ENG-3280] - A deprecated option was used in rsyslog and is now fixed.
  • [Support-12649][ENG-3279] - NXQL: queries with condition on service were not working.
  • [Support-12824][ENG-3303] - NXQL: "device IP address" missing from "connection" table.
  • [Support-12865][ENG-3310] - NXQL: the Engine could crash when multiple users were using NXQL.
  • [Support-12559][ENG-3320] - The OS version and architecture for "Windows 10 Enterprise" was incorrectly mapped to "Windows 10 Preview".
  • [Support-14017][Support-14002][ENG-3374] - The Engine runs out of memory during upgrade from 6.3 to 6.4.

Internal issues

  • [ENG-3262] - NXQL tutorial/datamodel link is automatically generated with right version.
  • [ENG-2518] - The list of well known MAC addresses can be automatically updated.
  • [ENG-3355] - Web API v2 requests were not updated in performance counters.
  • [ENG-3278] - NXQL: start_time was wrong for device_warning.
  • [ENG-3331] - NXQL: update queries were not thread safe through Web API v2.
  • [ENG-3333] - NXQL: execution_warning was not linked to applications and executables.
  • [ENG-3351] - Internal domains were not always tagged correctly.
  • [ENG-3317] - The Engine could crash when a device view was displayed with a disabled service.
  • [ENG-3342] - An error could happen when the Portal was running queries with aggregates. "-nan" was return by the Engine.
  • [ENG-3300] - Inconsistent event information in some very special case.


Warning: Due to an upgrade issue, this version has been removed from downloads.

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