Finder 6.3.x Release Notes

Software Requirements

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows Vista - 32 and 64 bits
  • Windows 7 - 32 and 64 bits
  • Windows 8 and 8.1 - 32 and 64 bits
  • Windows 10 - 32 and 64 bits

Nexthink Dependency Matrix

Starting from Nexthink V6, the Finder connects to the Portal upon sign-in. The Finder version is then validated by the Portal, which also provides the Finder with the list of available instances of Engines to connect to.

  Portal 6.3 | Engine 6.3 Portal 6.2 | Engine 6.2 Portal 6.1 | Engine 6.1 Portal 6.0 | Engine 6.0
Finder 6.3 OK Not OK Not OK Not OK
Finder 6.2 Not OK OK Not OK Not OK
Finder 6.1 Not OK Not OK OK Not OK
Finder 6.0 Not OK Not OK Not OK OK


Known Limitations


  • [Support - 2231], [FND-2761] - Web API investigations do not support between modifiers in their time frame. The between modifier is ignored when executing a Web API investigation.


  • Unsupported AD Login through digest proxy.


New Features

SSO Beta

If you are interested in enabling the SSO for Portal and Finder, please contact us at

  • [FND-4702] - SSO session.
  • [FND-4817] - SSO quick connect.
  • [FND-4820] [FND-4888] [FND-4887] [FND-4891] [FND-4820] - SSO miscellaneous.

Fixed Issues

Internal Issues

  • [FND-4898] - The wrong object name was sometimes used when exporting the nxt URL from the accordion for categories.
  • [FND-4901] - In the list view, the tooltips are now permanent.


This version was withdrawn because of an erroneous reported incompatibility with the previous version of the Portal.


New Features

New fields and aggregates

  • [FND-4860] - Hard disks manufacturers.
  • [FND-4722], [FND-4861] - Total CPU time and CPU usage ratio. Average CPU usage is deprecated.
  • [FND-4723] - Average memory usage per execution. Average memory usage is deprecated.


  • [FND-4709] - Nxt-protocol: Export URL from Finder.
  • [FND-4881] - Privilege enhancement: web API is a separate option in the profile.
  • [FND-4863] [FND-4882] - High-DPI screen support.
  • [FND-4831] [FND-4829] [FND-4833] - Metric can be "run as investigation".
  • [FND-4855] - Package status (installed/removed) is not available anymore in condition. The Engine will return only installed package, unless the query uses an installation id or package id in condition.
  • [FND-4825] - Conditions on percentage support decimal values (e.g. 0.1%).
  • [FND-4353] - Smart search: new suggestions based on users.

Fixed Issues

Customer Issues

  • [Support-11738] [FND-4827] - Support of single quotes in email addresses.
  • [Support-11924] [FND-4851] - Debug option for alert frequency was visible.
  • [Support-4172] [FND-4857] - Add possibility to configure TLS ciphering.

Internal Issues


  • [FND-4858] - AD account: a new Finder was launched instead of re-using an existing session.
  • [FND-4195] - Minimized Finder: the Finder was not maximized.

Smart search

  • [FND-4850] - Timeframe was not functioning with suggestions based on entities.
  • [FND-4848] [FND-4803] - Text corrections.
  • [FND-4849] - An error with keyword "device" and entity was present.


  • [FND-4590] - Possible exception when the closing the Finder.
  • [FND-4852] - An inconsistent error message was displayed when Finder and Engine versions were incompatible.
  • [FND-4828] - Renamed field label from "Last user logon time" to "Last user logon".
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