Engine 5.3.7 Release Notes

Software Requirements

Supported Nexthink Versions

  • Nexthink Finder Minimum version : v5.3.0
  • Nexthink Portal Minimum version : v5.3.0

What's New

Fixed issues

Customer issues

  • [Support-11292][ENG-3204] - A possible deadlock during nightly cleanup was fixed.
  • [Support-13169][ENG-3271] - NXQL: SMART disk errors were missing in device_error events.
  • [Support-13402][ENG-3349] - NXQL: the field host_name was missing in the printer table.

Internal issues

  • [ENG-3278] - NXQL: the end_time in device_warning events was inexact.
  • [ENG-3006] - Security: OpenSSL and ZeroMQ libraries were updated.
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