Portal 6.6.X Release Notes

Software Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Microsoft IE 9 and higher, or Edge (latest).
  • Firefox 3.6 and higher.
  • Google Chrome (latest).

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X

Other combinations of browsers and operating systems may be suitable for the Portal, but they have not been thoroughly tested. Some elements of the graphical interface may appear unusable or disproportionate in size in unsupported combinations of browsers and operating systems.

Nexthink Dependency Matrix

The Portal communicates with the Engine and, therefore, it depends on its version. The following dependency matrix applies:

  Engine 6.6 Engine 6.5 Engine 6.4 Engine 6.3 Engine 6.2
Portal 6.6 OK Not OK Not OK Not OK Not OK
Portal 6.5 Not OK OK Not OK Not OK Not OK
Portal 6.4 Not OK Not OK OK Not OK Not OK
Portal 6.3 Not OK Not OK Not OK OK Not OK
Portal 6.2 Not OK Not OK Not OK Not OK OK


Fixed Issues

Customer issues

  • [Support - 16067][UPD-119] - Use of the proxy when configured to use no authentication.

Internal issues

  • [PRT-4993] - Glitch after logging in to the Portal with Firefox.


New Features

  • [PRT-4866] - Compute on all objects vs active objects for devices and users.
  • [PRT-4895] - Finder can be installed from Portal (no more in beta).
  • [PRT-4921] [PRT-4940] - New collector-related fields.
  • [PRT-4923] - Bar chart for count metric.
  • [PRT-4906] - New SHA-1 hash field available for Binary object.

Fixed Issues

Customer issues

  • [Support - 14314] [PRT-4822] - Allowed number of database connections reduced from 100 to 45.

Internal issues

  • [PRT-4752] - Drill down Investigate in Finder available for users without access to the Finder.
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