Web Console 6.7.X Release Notes

Software Requirements

Supported browsers

  • Microsoft IE 8 and higher, or Edge 25.x and higher.
  • Mozilla Firefox 10.0 and higher.
  • Google Chrome 30.x and higher.


What is included

  • nxconsole-

New Features

  • [WCO-19] - SSLv3 protocol is now disabled by default.
  • [WCO-15] - Port 98 (legacy Collector update) removed from the Lighttpd configuration. Restart the Web Console with 'sudo systemctl restart nxconsole' for the change to take effect.

Fixed issues

Customer issues

  • [Support-16628][WCO-14] - The host name should be added to the name of the backup file.
  • [Support-16506][WCO-18] - Web Console net mask settings not changing the net mask set at installation time.
  • [Support-16127][UPD-131] - Federation connectivity test randomly fails with a high number of federated engines.

Internal issues

  • [WCO-12] - Misleading error message when entering wrong old password during initial password configuration.
    [WCO-16] - When PostgreSQL server restarts, the Web Console asks to reset the password.
    [UPD-135] - The Cloud services connectivity test does not take into account the ignore certificate option.
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